Scroll 6: Warbred Grues

Scroll #6 is located in the room named Grues. It depicts the Teslamancers using tamed Grues to defeat the Barbarian invaders.

Normal Collection Method

Return to this area after acquiring the Magnetic Cloak. Climb to the top of the cage containing the Grues and punch the blue block to turn it red and drop the bar below it onto the Grues, squishing them. Then enter the Grue cage and use a red cloak jump to reach the scroll.


Teslagrad secret scroll card pill -6

Speedrun Collection Method

There are several methods, both cloaked and cloakless.

  1. The cloaked method is to blink into the Grue cage while they are still alive, stand on the head of one of them, then use a red cloak jump to reach the scroll.
  2. The first cloakless method is to Blink Bounce into the Grue cage at the distance such that you enter the cage on top of the Grue's head and eject out of it upward into the scroll.

    Scroll 6 fast strat ? - Teslagrad Speedrun Tricks

  3. The second cloakless method is to stand on a Grue's head and perform a wall jump into the scroll.

    Teslagrad new shortcut 2

    This trick is shown at 1:17 in this video.

  4. The third cloakless method is a more precise iteration of the Blink Bounce technique. It involves abusing the turn triggers of the grues in the pit. There is an invisible trigger in the center of the pit that prevents the grues from crossing it under their own power. However you can push them across it while they are facing away from you. This sets up their positioning to allow a consistent Blink Bounce into the scroll from outside the pit.

    Codepiece secret strat

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