The King

The King
Walkthrough Teslagrad - Part 14 Final Boss - Ended!
Walkthrough Teslagrad - Part 14 Final Boss - Ended!

The King is a boss enemy in the game. He is the final opponent of the game. The player encounters him earlier when he sets up a trap, causing the player to fall underground.


The game constantly describes to the reign of the King of Electropia through the scrolls, the murals and the animated theaters. He was once well favored by the Teslamancers, and his victory over a war earned him the crown. Electropia split into two when he left to imperialize the surrounding lands, and failed. He then turned against the Teslamancers and commited mass genocide. His facial appearance changed from a rather neutral look into that of a corrupt king, then into that of a monster.

Before the battle

He destroys the platform below the player, causing him to fall.

The battle

He attacks by taking off his crown and firing electric beams from it.  He later turns it into a sword. His sword attacks are slicing to create a wall of electricity, charging toward the player, and creating a bubble that envelopes the player, which he pulls toward himself. He also can set up devices that fire two or three blocks of electricity, or a pair of spinning blades on the ground. The King is usually within range of the player's Teslastaff, but he can easily reflect the player's electric beams using his cape. This reflected beam is offset at an angle, which quickly decreases until the reflected ray contacts and kills the player. Only under certain circumstances can he be damaged by the staff. When defeated, he is sucked into his crown.


Upon defeat, his crown is dropped on the floor. The player is then capable of picking up the crown, which will start the ending sequence. There are two endings, depending on the number of scrolls collected.

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