Scroll 30: Protective Father

Scroll #30 is located in the Tower after the Fatal Attraction room. It depicts the player's Father smuggling him as an infant away from the Tesla Tower, presumably to deliver him as shown in the game's title screen and opening cinematic.

Normal Collection Method

Probably the most vilified scroll in the game due to the difficulty involved in collecting it. You must stomp the button next to the scroll, which is inside a conveyor. After pressing the button, the conveyor begins to ascend. You must then race the scroll by going through the laser maze above you, without dying, and with enough speed to beat the scroll to the top so you can collect it before it goes out of reach.


Teslagrad secret scroll card pill -30

Speedrun Collection Method

It helps to avoid pressing the plunger in Fatal Attraction to preserve the metal barrier in the Tower. Using Extended Blink Hitbox you can collect the scroll through the wall without even pressing the button.


Teslagrad - Race Scroll - extended blink hitbox glitch

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