Teslagrad - Beating Guerickes Orb-0

Guerickes Orb is a boss enemy in the game, that is fought after obtaining the Teslastaff at the top of the tower. It is the second hardest boss in the game and is the only boss that physically destroys an area.

Phase 1:

During this phase, the orb will fire a laser at you, which can be blinked through. The laser can be seen before it fires, and lasts approximately three seconds. To beat this phase, you have to heat up and destroy all 4 metal sheets on the orb with the Teslastaff. Every time you destroy a sheet, the orb rotates, making others easier to reach. Once all 4 sheets are destroyed, phase 2 begins.

Phase 2:

CONSOLE AND PC: This phase is very different to phase 1. After destroying all 4 sheets, the orb will become electrified and shoot an immense laser starting from the right. The laser cannot be blinked through, so you must climb up to the left platform and use the red polarity from their cloak to propel themselves up to the ceiling, which they must climb across and drop back down the other side, all while keeping ahead of the laser. If you drop onto the orb itself, you will be electrocuted and die. After avoiding the laser when it makes a full 360 degrees turn, phase 3 will begin.

MOBILE: The phase is the same, except the laser moves slightly slower.

Phase 3:

CONSOLE AND PC: This is probably the hardest phase. The orb will shed its outer layer, and you must continue to shoot the orb itself. However, the orb will continue to fire a laser at you which can be blinked through. This time though, the platforms and ceiling are removed and are replaced with walls. Every time you overheat the orb, it will move two of its red blocks to form a small ceiling, which you must stick to with your polarity cloak or you will be electrocuted. After you overheat the orb 3 times, phase 4 begins.

MOBILE: This is in fact the second most dramatically changed phase in the whole game. Electricity will not appear every time you overheat the orb, so you do not need to do anything.

Phase 4:

The orb will burst through the ground, causing you and the orb to fall to the bottom of the Tesla tower. On the way down, you must dodge its lasers by blinking through them as you cannot run due to you constantly falling. After approximately 30 seconds of falling, you will hit the bottom of the tower and end the boss fight.

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