Faradeus is a boss enemy in the game. It is a large mechanical bird, found atop a giant tree.


Upon encountered, Faradeus will fly at the player, attempting to claw him to death. The Blink Boots must be used to get inside Faradeus' cage-shaped torso, attack its heart with the Magnet Glove, and leave before lightning strikes it.

Faradeus will then fly up into the air and fall, creating two shockwaves that the player must blink through. If those are avoided, the bird will lay eggs, each containing a small explosive baby bird that follows the player for a time.

It will then release a wall of lightning that must be blinked around, and repeat the cycle with steadily increasing numbers of explosive birds.

After its heart is struck three times in total, Faradeus will malfunction and shut down.


  • The name "Faradeus" comes from Michael Faraday a brilliant scientist who basically discovered electricity, and Deus,the Latin word for God.
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