This section is dedicated to knowledge and techniques for beating Teslagrad as quickly as possible.

Warning: Many of these tricks will spoil normal gameplay and trivialize several of the puzzles in the game.

Version Info

Legacy = Teslagrad version 1.3.1.

  • This is the fastest version for speedrunning because of faster menus and known exploits.
  • It is available on Steam: Properties - Betas - V1.3.1 

Current = Teslagrad versions 1.4.0 and 1.4.1.

  • These are the most recent versions. This is also the console version.
  • It is available on Steam: Properties - Betas - None

Speedrun Categories

Demo Route - A full run of the Teslagrad Demo, collecting all 9 scrolls.

Any% Legacy Route

Any% Current Route

15 Scroll Legacy Route

15 Scroll Current Route

100% Route - This run collects all 36 scrolls and gets the best ending.

New Game+ Any% Route - This mode is unlocked after finishing a 100% game. You begin with all equipment.

New Game+ 100% Route - Begin with all equipment and collect all 36 scrolls.

General Techniques

Moonwalking and Moonjumping


Item Animation Cancel

Ghost Ledge

Extended Blink Hitbox (AKA Casual Glitch)

Blink Bounce

Specific Techniques

Scale Skip

Stave Church Slingshot

Piston Skip

Trials Skip

Fast Thunderbolt

Iron Lice Skip (AKA Slug Skip)

Magic Carpet Skip

Spider Skip

Hidey Hole Moonwalk

Fernus Block Popup

Fernus Early Escape

Boots Grue Skip

Boots Wrong Warp

Cages Grue Bounce

Heartwood Grue Bounce

Heartwood Skip

Act One Bounce

Maze/Wintergarden Skip

Fast Maze

Fast Wintergarden Climb

Faradeus Skip

Scrapyard Skip (AKA Fast Scroll 20)

Forge Skip

Brazen Bull Skip

Magnetbridge Skip

Guardian Skip

Clerestory Skip

Oleg Fast Kill

Hamster Wheel Skips

Feast Hall Ladder Skip

Feast Hall Swing

Richard Bump

Tower Bridge Clip

Alternation Skip

Grand Design Skip

Grand Design Warp

Guerickes Orb Pause Buffering

Scrolls Vault Skip

Dungeon Skip

Dungeon Bounces

Dungeon Escape Skip

King Skip

Ende EBH

All items (64)

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