Scrolls are the hidden collectibles in the Tesla Tower. They document the history of the Teslamancers and tell the general backstory of the game through their artwork. It is required to collect at least 15 of them to proceed to the end of the game. Collecting all 36 will lead to a better ending.

Scroll Information

# Artwork Name Room
1 S01.png Raiding Barbarians Wintergarden
2 S02.png Conquered Barbarians Ventilation
3 S03.png Serving Barbarians Shrine
4 S04.png Wild Grues Roots
5 S05.png Captured Grues Hidey Hole
6 S06.png Warbred Grues Grues
7 S07.png Castle of Teslagrad Dodge This
8 S08.png City of Teslagrad Deep Down
9 S09.png Tower of Teslagrad Snakeway
10 S10.png Foreign nation of Angloria Magnetflies
11 S11.png Foreign nation of Mesmer Scrolls
12 S12.png Foreign nation of Motorland Storage
13 S13.png Crafting Volt Walkers Wintergarden
14 S14.png Crafting Iron Lice Maze
15 S15.png Crafting Power Plants Wintergarden
16 S16.png The Guardian Faradeus Hidden Library
17 S17.png The Guardian Fernus Levitation
18 S18.png The Guardian Orb Chapel
19 S19.png Glorious Alliance Ventilation
20 S20.png Glorious Coronation Scrapyard
21 S21.png Glorious Rule Smelter
22 S22.png Grand Ambition Molten Pool
23 S23.png Lone Ambition Fireproof
24 S24.png Failed Ambition Licemover
25 S25.png King's Grief Act Three
26 S26.png King's Grudge Guardian
27 S27.png King's Vengeance Pipes
28 S28.png Father's Alertness Feast Hall
29 S29.png Resourceful Father Fatal Attraction
30 S30.png Protective Father Tower
31 S31.png Oleg's Grief Grand Design
32 S32.png Oleg's Adoption Grand Design
33 S33.png Oleg's Duty Solomon Tesla
34 S34.png Long for a family Act One
35 S35.png Long for a savior Act Two
36 S36.png Long for a past Happy Ending

Map of Scroll Locations

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Artwork and Story

There are twelve sets of three scrolls. Every set is a triptych showing a miniature story arc. The story arcs are:

1-3: The Barbarian invasion, and their defeat and conversion.

4-6: The Grues being tamed by the Teslamancers and used as war beasts.

7-9: The development of the city of Teslagrad and the Tesla Tower.

10-12: The foreign nations of Angloria, Mesmer, and Motorland.

13-15: The Teslamancers' inventions: Volt Walkers, Iron Lice, and Power Plants.

16-18: The acquisitions of the Guardians: Fernus, Faradeus, and Guerickes Orb.

19-21: The Teslamancers' alliance with The King.

22-24: The King's attempted conquest and failure.

25-27: The development of the schism between The King and the Teslamancers.

28-30: The Father seeing the Teslamancer genocide and taking action.

31-33: Oleg's adoption as The King's right hand man.

34-36: The main character's growth and prophecy.

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